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Shortly after Scottish preacher G. Campbell Morgan’s wedding, his father visited the home the newlyweds had just furnished and decorated. After they had shown him the place with pride and satisfaction, he remarked, “Yes, it’s very nice, but no one walking through here would know whether you belong to God or the devil!”

Morgan was shocked by his father’s gruff but well-meaning comment. But he got the point. From that day forward, he made certain that in every room of his home there was some evidence of their faith in Christ.

What about your home? Is there any evidence that you are a believer? Referring to the promises He had just made to Israel, God said, “These words…shall be in your heart….You shall write them on the doorposts of your house” (Deuteronomy 6:6 & 9).

Look around you in the room you are in. What evidence is there of your faith?

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Kerry Dickey

I loved this story as it reminded me of a good song I have heard that puts it in perspective. I am hoping this will be taken nicely.
Well I got myself a t-shirt that says what I believe. I got letters on my bracelet to serve as my Id.
I got the necklace and the keychain, and almost everything a good christian needs, yeah.
I got the little bible magnets on my refigerator door, and a welcome mat to bless you before you walk across my floor.
I got a Jesus bumper sticker, and the outline of a fish stuck on my car.
and even all this stuffs all well and good, yeah
I cannot help but ask myself
What about the change, what about the difference
what about the grace, what about forgiveness
what about a life that’s showing, I’m undergoing a change.
well I got this way of thinking, that comes so naturally
where I believe the whole world is revolving around me.
and I got this way of living ,that I have to die to every single day.
Cause if Gods spirit lives inside of me, yeah
I’m gonna live lfe differently

I’m gonna have the change
I’m gonna have the difference
I’m gonna have the grace
I’m gonna have forgiveness
I’m gonna live a life that’s showing
I’m undergoing the change.

The biggest symbol in the house you live in is you and your walk with God and Jesus, as people are watching all of the time.
Undergo the change today in your own house, the temple with which you have been given praise God! all in love Kerry D.

July 24th, 2009 at 3:49 pm

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