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It is evident that established churches are resistant to change. Why is that?

1. These people are content and do not see a need to change things. They think all is well.

2. These people prefer the status quo. Change will cost money and take work.

3. These people have vested interests. They have sacrificed to build the church to where it is and don’t want to surrender what they’ve worked for.

4. These people are cautious in trusting new leadership who have not proven themselves. This is the number one problem with denominations that relocate pastors every two or three years.

5. These people have a tendency to grant to old values and traditions a sacred quality that is not realistic. Over time they become organizational sacred cows.

6. These people tend to be self-centered. They cease to look outward and only focus inwardly, caring for their own needs. Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5 are an example of people who only look out for themselves.

In his book Managing By Values, Ken Blanchard says four times that it takes two to three years for values to change in a church. If a church changes leaders every two to three years, it will be impossible for that church to ever change.

Can you add to this list of why it is difficult for established churches to change?

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