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A Thank You to Remember

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I preached a funeral today for a dear lady in our church.  I love doing funerals and I’ve become pretty good at it.  I always try to honor the deceased, bring comfort to the grieving, and clearly present the gospel.  Today I received a compliment that will encourage me for a long time.

As people were filing past the casket to say their final good-byes, one young lady, perhaps about 30, paused to shake my hand and said, “Thank you for sharing the gospel with my parents; they aren’t believers”.  I don’t know who she was or who her parents were, but that made the whole day worth the investment.

Somewhere in a home in this area is a man and woman who have to be thinking about the things they heard today at that funeral.  And I’m praying the seed will find good soil and they will act on it.  Pray with me.

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