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A month ago I took an early summer vacation.  One afternoon I took a walk in the woods behind our house (in a vain search for mushrooms) and found some year-old hickory sprouts.  I carefully got my tools and transplanted the young trees to my yard.  I’ve kept them watered and protected , but noticed the leaves were turning brown around the edges.  Not wanting to lose them, I asked for advice from Mike Young, who once had a landscaping business.  He advised me they had “root shock” and I should get some fertilizer for the roots, which I did.

I’m still watching for the results, but have been thinking about that all week.  Perhaps what the Body of Christ needs is some fertilizer for our roots.  We’ve been transplanted from the sinful world to a spiritual environment, and might be suffering some “root shock” until we get established in our faith.  I believe its my role as pastor to apply the biblical ‘fertilizer’ that will help converts become ‘rooted’ in their faith.  Pray that God will give me wisdom to accomplish that.

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