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I attended a minister’s conference this past week where Dr. Kent Hunter, better known as The Church Doctor, spoke to the pastors.  He taught an inspiring session outlining the downward trend in moral indicators from 1960 to the 1990s.  Just when it appeared there was no hope left for America, tracking of these same indicators began to reverse.  Best Selling books took a Christian (or at least moral) turn, ‘R’ rated movies began to give way to films with a spiritual message, the disintegration of the family began to stabilize. etc.

Christians have been praying for revival in America.  Could this be the beginning of a turn around?  Either the church will take advantage of the positive momentum, or it will return to its hibernation, and the awakening will disintegrate.  Yes, that is in God’s hands, but He delegated the task of revival to us.  What will the church do with this open door?

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