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Motivating Volunteers

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Its easy to get people to do what you want when they’re on the payroll.  But, how do you motivate people to do what they should when they volunteer?  You can’t threaten to fire them or discipline them because they are volunteering and will quit on you.  This is why John Maxwell says the most difficult organization to lead is a volunteer organization.

There are other ways to motivate volunteers to excel besides money.  They are volunteering because their heart is touched.  Some ways to encourage their heart:

1. Make sure they are aware of the good things they’ve accomplished.

2. Publicly celebrate their victories.

3. Appreciate them with a few “‘Atta Boys” and pats on the back.

4.  Compliment them to others (word will get back).

5. Reward them with a creative gift, such as a PayDay candy bar.

6. Make sure they know you are there to help them.

7.  Listen to their suggestions (they are the ones with their hand on the plow).

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Spring Cleaning

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Easter comes this year as early as it can on the calendar.  Easter is a season of spring breaks and getting ready for warmer weather.  It is a season for tulips and robins and mud and spring cleaning.  Its also a season when people go shopping for warmer clothes.

But did you ever think of it being a season of revival in a person’s spiritual life? As people begin to look outward from the winter seclusion, it is also often a time when people attempt to make improvements in their homes as well as their lives.  The cross is all about improvements in the life of a believer.  The Book of Ephesians is a great teaching about the believer being in an exalted spiritual position.  But it ends by challenging the reader to live according to this exalted spiritual position.  Its a challenge to a life of holiness that draws attention to Jesus, not us.

The classic parable of the Prodigal Son is also a story of personal improvement.  The son went back home, but his attitude was never the same.  He was now the new and improved version.  When Legion was delivered of the multitude of demons, his life was dramatically improved.  Prior to the resurrection, Peter cowardly denied Jesus three times.  After the resurrection, the same Peter boldly declared the resurrection of Christ before multitudes.  His ministry had been vastly improved.

Let’s take some time this Easter season to do some spring cleaning inwardly.  Let’s be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

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Winter Doldrums and Discouragement

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There are two periods of discouragement in the church calendar. The first occurs in February and is called by church leaders the Winter Doldrums, and the second is during the summer months and is called the Summer Slump. We all understand the Summer Slump, but seldom give attention to the Winter Doldrums.

The Winter Doldrums begin imperceptively right after the high of Christmas, with all its activities, church attendance increases, hubbub, much ado, and excitement. We deal OK with winter throughout January, although the snow problems slow us down. But by the time February settles in we are tired of being cooped up in the house and dealing with snow and ice. Impatience begins to set in. This spills over into our church life. People become cranky and dissillusioned. Why is church attendance down? Why is there not excitement here like we had last year? Whose to blame? Maybe I need to find a new church that is more exciting.

Just in the nick of time, Spring comes, we turn our clocks ahead, the sun shines brighter and we emerge from the Winter Doldrums to the renewed excitement of Spring and Easter. Hallelujah!

February is not the time to make major decisions! We need to patiently await the surely coming Spring and the renewed excitement it brings. Every church has to battle the discouragement of February, and every church awaits the new day when March/April arrives. Be patient!

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