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Last night we did our first ever Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner at New Hope. It was a joint venture between the 153 Student Ministries (Youth), New Hope Kids’ Club, and the Mid-Week Adult Bible Fellowship. Together, we packed out the sanctuary, seating and feeding about 180 people (which is our maximum amount of space). Special thanks to all those who helped children through the food line, brought food items, helped maintain order, and helped to remove tables and chairs after the night was over.

I met several parents of bus kids (one of our main goals), and interacted with teens and kids in the Scavenger Hunt. I appreciate Ayron Reeves for creating the idea, and all those who stepped up to fill in cracks and make it a pleasant evening.

I’m expecting the night impacted many lives enough that their own Thanksgiving Feast next Thursday will be a little different…a little more special…a little more family oriented…and a little more thanks-oriented. Way to go, New Hope!



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Some years ago I was working in our garden. I came across an old Mercury dime, about 1911, as I recall. I was extremely excited to find that dime, so I put it in my pocket and continued working in the garden.

At the end of the day, I reached in my pocket to show Anita my find. It was gone. After some search, I realized I had a small hole in that pocket. That dime is today somewhere buried in the yard where the garden used to be. Easy come, easy go.

Lost and found is a major theme in the Bible. Jesus told a parable about a woman who lost a coin in her house. She searched diligently until she found it, and then called in her neighbors to celebrate finding the lost coin. But what if the lost coin was lost again. Would there be any more celebrating?

Such is the case with a lost soul who finds Jesus and becomes whole again. Then, because of the cares of this world, that soul walks away from his/her faith back into the same old life they had been delivered from. No one celebrates that. There is no party or fatted calf. There is just loss.

Let’s pray for backslid believers to be revived. Then we can all celebrate together.



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Jim Sattison went home to be with the Lord Sunday. We’ll miss him and should pray for Lenora. Jim was active in Boy Scouts when I was a kid and I have precious memories of him back in those old days.

He and Lenora usually attended church on Saturday nights. He struggled with his faith, like many of us, but never gave up. He was proud of his years as a UAW officer in his union. Although Jim was quiet and would not likely be considered a pillar of the church, yet he believed in the Lord as his Savior. That makes him a saint in God’s eyes.

What will you remember about Jim Sattison?



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Today I’m going to my aunt’s funeral. She was my Mom’s sister, and two years older. It was great to see cousins I hadn’t seen in years at the viewing yesterday. So many memories.

Saying good-bye to someone who has been a fixture in your life isn’t easy. It changes everything.

But there is a hope when we know they were a person of faith. Labors on this earth are over. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord…just that fast. Everything we’ve struggled through down here will be worth it then. Eternity has greater value the longer we wait.

Live life to the full, and then enter real fullness in Father’s House. This is my aunt’s pay day.

























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Then Jesus came…and stood in the midst, and said, ‘Peace be unto you’” (John 20:26).

In the middle of broken lives and difficult situations, Jesus comes and changes are made. The Bible is filled with events in which the appearance of Jesus brought hope and healing to people’s lives.

  • While Jesus prayed on shore, His disciples struggled to row across the Sea of Galilee. They were weary and filled with fear. Then Jesus came, walking on the sea (Mark 6:48). He spoke peace to their troubled hearts and made the winds to cease.
  • Simon Peter’s mother-in-law lay in bed, ill with a fever. The Jesus came to Peter’s house (Matthew 8:14). He touched her hand, and the fever left.
  • Mary and Martha were mourning the death of their brother, Lazarus. Then Jesus came to Bethany (John 11:17). He restored Lazarus to life that day.
  • The disciples huddled in fear in an upper room in Jerusalem, afraid for their lives. Then Jesus came into their midst (John 20:19). Fear and despair melted away in the light of Jesus’ presence.

In times of despair, sorrow, and sickness, Jesus comes to us today. And when He comes, He brings peace, joy, healing, and a brand new life for all who will believe in Him.




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Last night Jim Otis did a great job teaching on Jesus’s healing the leper. I didn’t make any comments, but I was amazed how many comparisons there were between the leper who cried out to God and the Centurion who asked for help from Jesus. It was clear in my mind because that’s what I’m preaching on this weekend. But Jim had no idea what I was preparing to speak on. The coincidence was pretty obvious to me.

Coincidence is the language of the Spirit. When we see things coincidentally line up, we know God is speaking and need to listen up. Watch for coincidences in your life; its probably God speaking into your life.



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As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’” (Romans 10:15).

The Apostle Paul is here quoting Isaiah 52:7. Good news from God is what the gospel is. Feet are usually not very beautiful. Most of us have a little toenail problem, callouses, corns, etc. Its our faces that we spend time on, not our feet. Yet the prophet Isaiah, and the apostle Paul both refer to beautiful feet when describing those who carry the good news to others.

Now, its a waste of time to carry the good news if we don’t deliver it when we get there. Look for someone in your world who you can deliver the good news to. God loved them so much that He sent you into their lives. Don’t miss your chance to get beautiful feet.